It is 100% free for use to use all the features.
Since, we not take any payments and you will have to pay teacher directly on your own. PapaCambridge does not take any guarantee. So it is better to divide your payments or if possible, pay it afterwards.
You can report us here at https://support.papacambridge.com.
Although, chances are very rare for such case to happen as teachers pay an annual subscription to get their profile listed here. In such case, his or her profile will get cancelled. So, please don not worry. Still, try to take necessary precautions if you are online only. In case of physically hiring, it will be the way you proceed all other hirings.
Once you login anywhere on PapaCambridge. You will automatically stay logged in at all our platforms.
Our support team is always there to guide you. Just contact us from here : https://support.papacambridge.com